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cleaning secondary air injection ports -- SUCCESS!


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 38,000;

Joel:I just finished cleaning out the air injection ports. It was a lot easier than I expected. I did deviate from your procedure in one respect, which I think made it easier. I replaced the check valve between the air pump and the camshaft housing. Instead of pulling off the solid pipes that supply the camshaft housings, I poured Techron in the hole that the check valve came out of. Doing it this way, I didn't have to mess with the power steering pump or any of the plastic parts on the left side of the engine.The only issue was that I had to plug all six ports at once. To do this, I cleaned the exhaust port with a carb cleaner and a small wire brush on the end of a drill and then plugged the holes with used chewing gum. It wasn't perfect, but it worked well enough to get the job done. After running the Techron through, I sprayed carb cleaner both from the top and from the bottom using the little red plastic tube that comes with the carb cleaner. It was flexible enough that I was able to stick into each port and spray the carb cleaner up into the passage way. I then blew compressed air through from the top and let everything dry out. All of the air ports were open, though the #3 exhaust port itself had more carbon build up than the others. Is this common? The whole job took about 6 hours, which included about an hour of trial and error modifications to a 15/16ths inch wrench with a bench grinder and a torch to fabricate a tool to remove the check valve. One reason it was fairly easy is that I have a lift in my garage. I imagine it would have taken longer with jack stands. Now that I have the tool to remove the check valve and know what I'm doing, I figure I could do this again in about 4 hours. How often do you suggest to clean the ports as preventative maintenance? Feel free to post this on the PCA website if you wish. I read that some people in Sacramento were going to clean their ports, and I'm wondering how their efforts turned out. Thanks for all your help. It gives me a certain peace of mind knowing that I could see that the ports are completely clear and that the dreaded check engine light isn't going to come on at any time---not because of clogged secondary air injection ports anyway. Take care, Rob.

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