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Cleaning the tailpipe and muffler of rust and black oil deposits


Vehicle Information: Model: Boxster; Year: 2002; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 1800;

Actually I have the Question and answer. The tailpipe and muffler on my boxster was lookingpretty narley. They had rust stains and blacksmuck on them when I bought the car brand new. I have looked at several other Boxsters, all of which looked the same. Porsch sells a chrome tailpipe extenson which is $450.00. But knowing that the exaust system is stainless steel, I thought I would try a cleaner of some sort. So I went to Discount Auto Parts and purchased a wheelcleaner made by Eagle One. Its called A2Z All wheel cleaner. Make sure the exaust system is cool, like let it set overnight before doing this.Spray the cleaner on and let it set for about fiveminutes, then using a sponge with a pot scrubbingside to it, easily wipe down the tailpipe and muffler. Rinse with fresh water and dry. Your tailpipe and muffler will look like new....I've been doing this for almost two months, and the tailpipe and muffler keep a great shine.

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