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Cleaning tar from wheelwell liners


Vehicle Information: Model: 986S; Year: 2001; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 17000;

During local explorations during Parade Week in San Diego, I encountered road tar somewhere - at night. I found the wheelwells and rocker panels to be lightly spattered the next morning. Wheels are OK. The car WAS in concours condition. Initial effort with commercial bug&tar remover and paper towel, then terrycloth towels, works, but very slowly. I've gotten the painted areas cleaned. But the terrycloth seems to have just enough tooth that its possible, if working an area with too much pressure, to mar the plastic liners. Would Wurth's Citrus Degreaser be OK? At what dilution would you recommend? I'd like to restore the plastic liners and exposed inner wheelwell arches, which have a rough, pebbled anti-chip paint texture, to "concours clean". They looked (and were) original 3 days ago. We're still on the road back to Illinois. Will another week's delay aggravate removal? Thanks for your time.

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