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cluch problem


Vehicle Information: Model: 912; Year: 1968; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1.7; Total Mileage: ?;

I purchased 12800861, a 1968 912 coupe ,Jan. 2007. After trailering it home I drove it about 70 miles before pulling the engine to re-torque the heads and replace the 4 speed with a five speed. Everything worked as it should. I bolted the 5-speed (a 1969 magnesium case) to the engine and reinstalled the assembly in the car only to find the drive flanges would not bolt up to my inner cv joints. I did not start the car with the 5-speed bolted up. After removing the engine once again I reinstalled the four speed and put the engine back in the car for the second time. Because I initially was not planning to reinstall the four speed I disconnected the shift rod at the slip yoke rather than the grub screw. I am not certain the shift linkage is adjusted correctly.With the original 4 speed reinstalled I cannot get the clutch adjusted. When I depress the pedal and try to select any gear the car starts moving. It feels like the clutch is still engaged. I have adjusted the clutch for the proper free play and also no free play to no avail. I replaced the cable thinking it may have stretched. Nothing seems to help. When I replace the cable I counted the turns (12) at the pedal. I am hoping the engine does not need to be removed again! Any help will be appreciated.

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