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Clutch line replacement assistance


Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Engine (type, size, modifications): Stock 3.2; Total Mileage: 19750;

My clutch recently stopped working due to a fluid leak. When I depress the clutch, I can't put the car in gear without grinding the gears, and the pedal will not return on its own. Fluid is leaking out of a blue tube that is under my front left fender liner. The tube goes through the fender well into the washer fluid refill compartm ent and goes from the fender area, under the car to a coupling under the drivers door. My plan is to order the replacement tube/line and do the work myself if it's not a major project.Am I on the right track?Are special tools/tape/sealer needed to disconnect and reconnect the fittings on the line?Where is the clutch fluid resevoir?What type of clutch fluid is required?How do I bleed the system after replacing the line?Your help is greatly appreciated.Thanks,J. R.

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