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Clutch Noise


Vehicle Information: Model: 356B, T-6; Year: 1963; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): (616/1, 1600, original stock); Total Mileage: ~70K;

My 1963 356B is all stock and all original running gear. I am estimating the mileage as the odometer stopped working with the previous owner just prior to going into storage. I have been driving the car with great pleasure and satisfaction of the drive train performance. However, a new noise has started occurring that I can not duplicate on purpose. When the car is cold and I disengage the clutch, once and a while (should I say a 1 in 5 times) I will get a howling sound from the rear of the car that resonates in the cabin. Its short lived and only when I disengage the clutch and not engaging the clutch. Its not a chirping/whistling/whirling noise that I am used to hearing with throughout/release bearings. Its not the slipping clutch accompanied by grinding sounds like a worn clutch I have experienced. Could this just be a grabbing of the clutch plate when cold? If so, why would it just start now as I have been putting a 2000-3000 miles a year on the car with no problems (over the last 2 years)? Is there a way to inspect the clutch plate/throw out bearing without engine removal? I am planning to drive it up to Monterey for the Historics and am concerned that this is a sign of an imminent failure.

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