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clutch pedal 2" low

Transmission and Clutch

Model: 964 C4, Year:1989, Mileage:180000, Type of use:Street use only
I just replaced the clutch on my 89 964. I also put in a new clutch master and slave cylinders. Problem is, my clutch pedal is 2" lower than it should be. I've bled the system and I'm sure it has no air. I removed the pedal assembly and the clutch pedal is being restricted by the clutch master! I still have the old master so I compared them and they are identical. I even pulled out the roll pin to make sure it wasn't stripped or slipping. Finally, I got a pedal cluster from a friend's 964 and compared them (it is from a 92 I believe). It appears my clutch pedal is bent but no evidence of a bend or weld break is present.I'm stumped as something is bent but I don't see it and I have run out of ideas. I did replace the clutch pedal itself but, as I feared, the "new" pedal is identical to the old one and the 2" gap remains.Any ideas as to what I can do to get my pedal back up to full height? The clutch works but if I put in the wooden floorboard, I can't get the pedal down far enough to completely disengage the clutch.

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