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Clutch pedal going half way down and stopping

  • 1985
  • 944
57 500

I have a 1985/2 944 that sat for years.  When I purchased it 2 months ago,  the car did not run.  The clutch pedal and clutch seemed to operate as expected.  I have rebuilt the calibers etc. and the brakes now seem to operate ok.  With engine not running, I have firm pressure.  Brake bleeding went ok.  Now the clutch will only go 1/2 way down and it completely stops-no further.  Now, with the engine running, the clutch had no effect.  I could shift gears without using the clutch (that was going only 1/2 way down).  The wheels seemed to turn at a nearly constant speed, medium fast despite racing the engine.

I re-bled the clutch using a MityVac pressure bleeder both from the top and the bottom (pressure bleeding upwards at 15 psi) per your prior recommendations.  The pedal still went 1/2 way down.  When I released the fluid from the clutch line only, the pedal went all the way down.  I also took a pry bar and moved the "ball" in the clutch inspection port, maybe a 1/4" forward, to see if it was bound.  The front of the "ball" is approximately 1" (25.4 mm) to the inside of the inpsection port, towards the front.

HELP.  Thanks.  Richard.

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