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Clutch replacement and upgrade

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 99,350;

About January I sent in a question regarding what other items should be looked at when my clutch was replaced at 100,000 miles. The only actual problem that I had at the time was that the clutch pedal would not always fully return the last inch or less to the top of the stroke.This is an update, I had the clutch replaced at 98,999 miles. My Porsche was due for the state safety/emissions (which was easily passed) inspection as well as its annual service. Since there would be a considerable amount of labor charges saved due to overlapping operations I chose to have the clutch work done at the same time. I told the service manager about the clutch pedal, and his reaction was the same as yours, that it might only need to be bled. The clutch was replaced and apparently during the test drive, the pedal worked fine. When I got in to leave, it did not fully return. We got the technician to look at it, and his first comment was that Porsche had an upgrade kit to solve the problem which was with the linkage at the pedal. He said he had replaced a couple of others in the past. The part number is 993-423-519-03, the installation fixed the problem, plus it takes much less pressure to push in the clutch pedal. Very smooth operation. The parts are about $100 plus about 1 hr labor to install.I also looked over the old parts with the tech. The original clutch disk still had measureable lining and in his oppinion could probably have gone another 5,000 miles or so. He also found that the main seal was "damp" with oil, so that was replaced as long as the transmission was out. No other problems were found except for a minor oil leak at one of the timing chain covers. Oil consumption is at a minimum and most of that is probably due to the leaks.This is my third Porsche, all have been daily drivers and all have accumulated mileage at about the same rate, none have had serious problems other then routine service. It is interesting how many owners who write to you and complain of various problems have low mileage Porsches. Maybe they all need to be driven more?

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