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Clutch slave bleeding feeder hose


Model: 944, Year:85/2, Mileage:91,000, Type of use:Track use only. This is more of a notification rather than a question.The clutch master cylinder is fed from a hose attached to the brake master cylinder reservoir. I have two 944's that have had these replaced with incorrect hoses! In one case the hose has collapsed/hardened/blockage and the brake fluid cannot refill the clutch master cylinder. The clutch is now inoperative and air locked until I can obtain the factory hose.ALL 944/968 owners should be advised to check your car and be sure that the hose has a blue colored braiding on the outer covering which indicates the factory original hose is still there. (Another identity mark is that the factory used a crimped band clamp, not a screw clamp.) If not, I would suggest that it was replaced at some point and will eventually FAIL and a most inopportune moment as it did for me, hours before a track weekend!!!!NOTE: there is NO aftermarket hose available from your local parts store that will work properly!On a good note, my 1983 944, that I purchased new in August 1982, has the original hose and it is still working fine after almost 30 years!

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