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clutch slave cylinder

  • 2014
  • Cayman S
23 000

Well I recently did my required brake fluid exchange as a two year service.  I then decided to also bleed the clutch to complete the job.  Here is where things went south.  I depressed the clutch pedal and held it in place with a board.  I might mention that I have done this job on this car on twice before.  I loosened the bleed nipple with a socket and then place a tube on the nipple.  I had a Motive bleeder hooked up at about 15 pounds pressure.  I then used a small modified 11 mm wrench to slowly open the bleeder nipple.  At about two turns open brake fluid just expoded out spilling everywhere.  I closed the bleeder screw eventually putting the socket back on and snugged it down.  I knoww it only takes about 3 pounds and this was never over tightened.  Long story short is that the bleeder nipple is treaded properly and loosens and tightens but when the system is pressurized it leaks.  Something broke.  I ordered a new slave cylinder which will arrive in a few days.  My question is, is it likely the nipple itself that broke or will I have to replace the entire unit.  Is this a common problem.  Thoughts?

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