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Colored Valve stem cap

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Model: 911, Year:2001, Mileage:84,911, Type of use:Street use only
I have steel valve stems on my wheels (turbo twists). I also have a set of valve stem caps that are made of metal (maybe chrome plated brass), with the colored Porsche crest on top in a gel type material. The top is round and knurled for easy twist-on installation. These look exactly like the OEM cap that all Porsche dealers sell in their parts dept. Part number 705-002-00. My problem is that mine are different. Mine are a precise fit to the steel valve stem and look great. The part listed above will fit my stems but leaves about a 1/8 inch gap between the cap and the steel portion of my stem. It is dog-butt ugly. Well, maybe not that ugly, but I sure like the way my three remaining caps fit as opposed to the ones sold by Porsche, eBay, all the aftermarket places that I can find, etc...Neither part number 705-002-00 and 705-001-99 are a clean fit. There are several different types for sale on eBay, but I doubt they will fit they way mine currently do. Although 705-002-00 appears to look identical to mine on the outside, they are not. 705-002-00 are made of a lightweight material, not metal. Also they have a little rubber seal on the inside--as do mine--but the seal is elevated, about 1/8 inch, whereas my rubber seal is at the base of the inside of the stem. Do you or anyone else have any idea where my caps may have come from? Did Porsche change suppliers and hence part numbers at some point? Do you know anything about what I'm talking about? If I buy the eBay ones and they fit like 705-002-00, I'm out the money. I guess I can wait a couple of years until I replace my tires and then buy the Porsche funny-looking, aluminum-looking stem covers and caps. I'd appreciate any help if you can. My Porsche dealer is searching after-market web sites just like me, to no avail. Thanks

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