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Conversion of 944 to 968 engine


Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5; Total Mileage: 60,000;

I am putting a 92 968 engine in my Callaway Turbo 944. I bought the engine with 10,000 miles on it. Is there any thing that may cause a particular problem in this conversion? I have the 968 clutch, and intend to use it. Is this possible? It is still bolted up to the engine. Also, I intend to convert to power steering. I have a 86 944 rack. The 968 still has the pump and I have the resovoir still attached to the pump. I have all the electrics, including the brain and diagnostic connector. What problems might I encounter here?? The AC compressor is R-12 I think, I plan a conversion to R134a. Any helpful hints will be appreciated. I hope to have a unique, but all pure Porsche to autocross and drive.

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