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Convertable top-new question


Vehicle Information: Year: 1997; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5l; Total Mileage: 70,000km; Transmission: Tiptronic;

Just another question regrading the convertable top - I just joined the pca and thought you might have the best answer.I bought the car in June - love it. This past summer , the top jammed on the drivers side as described in other postings. We have a local porsche mechanic ( Frank at 911 werks) who used to work at the dealer in vancouver (4 hrs away). Anyway, I helped him sort thru the top problem - we pulled out the cog mechanism in the drivers side body panel - it had skipped past its end point. We then retimed the mechanism to match the otherside. It has just reoccured. So in order to get the top closed, I had to disconnect the cable from the drive, and retime the drivers side using a drill.My question is this : Is the problem the cog mechanism in the drivers side body panel, or is it the cable problem as decribed in other posts. If it is the cable problem, I am assuming that the cable shortens, then skips in the drive mechanism - thus throwing off the timing. When this happens, it over pushes the cogs and can result in them going past there endpoint, or end up just grossly misalligning the top risking lots of expensive breaking sounds!When they fix this at the dealer - is it usually a cable replacemnet, or do they replace the side panel gear mechanisms as well? As I don;t want to fear using the top - I need to get it fixed.Thanks - sorry for the long Q.

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