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Convertible control unit replacement

  • 1999
  • 911 Carrera
88 000
Encinitas , 


I have been having the convertible top issues that many have described. Here's what I have done. Filled the hydraulic fluid, replaced top latch with unit from 997. Sunset porsche said the 997 unit would work in place of the 996 with the wiring adapter they provide. Seems to be working as hook extends and closes appropriately. Checked the other microswitches all seem functional. Set the potentiometer at 6.2k ohms with roof in service position. Clamshell latches are fine. Ran the calibration with Durametric. Roof goes from open to closed and then open again just fine, side flaps and clamshell open and close as they should - all mechanicals seem OK. So it seems it all works when given signals from the Durametric. But calibration does not complete, settings are not stored in control module. Have done this with two laptops with XP and windows 8. Same behavior. I end up quitting the program as the calibration never completes. Now when I close the roof, the side flaps, clamshell etc all move correctly but the top latch does not complete the cycle. and keeps unlatching and relatching as others have described. I tried pushing the microswitch on top of the windshield as has been suggested for the 996 unit if the plastic hook cover comes off. But the latch seems to trigger the microswitch just fine. I can hear it click, and pushing with a toothpick does not help. I can stop the roof when the top latch is retracted, so the top is closed but the windows do not go up as it has not finished the complete cycle. I can put the front windows up using the window controls but the rear ones will not budge as it thinks the top is down. The Durametric can calibrate the top on a 996 but has limited other functions using the V10 module. On later model cars the Durametric can read values and perform individual functions using the CONV module. So it would be great if I could put a later model control module in the 996 so I could get better diagnostics. Has anyone put a 997 or later control module in a 996? Would it work (like the top latch did)? Or I could buy a used 996 module. Or I could go to a dealer and have them use the Porsche software.

Thanks for any advice. Cheers, Nick

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