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Vehicle Information: Model: carrera C2; Year: 1991; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6L; Total Mileage: 133K;

Chris,The following was recently posted:***********************Classification: ElectricalSubject: convertible topModel: 911 carreraYear: 1986Total Mileage: 76kCar Use: GeneralQuestion:The top is normally down on this car. I was installing new carpeting and had removed the covers for the top mechanism and it had operated fine. I then closed it (to get access to the seat belt mount) to just short of touching and latching into the hardware at the top of the windshield. I was dismayed when a few hours later it would not move...up or down! When I hit the top actuation switch I can hear a brief click from the rear...but nothing moves either way. If I push the top so that it touches the latch mechanism and then hit the switch...I hear a click coming from that area. I have tried all the obvious things per the proximity switches and rollers that are exposed with no results. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. **********************************Chris:I have always encountered the same exact problem with my 1991 C2 convertible and have always been succesful in eliminating it. After the problem occurs, I immediately do the following sequence:- Return the ignition key to the "engine off" position.- Disconnect the battery negative ground.- Wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the battery ground.- Operate the convertible "open-lower" switch to the position that gave you the problem.If that doesn't initiate a return to normal operations, I then have to do this:- Disconnect the negative battery terminal,- Wait,- Reconnect the terminal, - Now get in the car and manually push the top up and away from the windshield latch area by at least a foot,- Then operate the "open-lower" switch. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 repeat operations, beginning from discinnecting the battery, in this last mode for the problem to eventually disappear and the top to finally latch normally.So you might ask -- why does this problem occur in the first place? -- I can only submit that I encounter this problem every time when I interfer with the lowering (raising) of the top from the "down position." The intreference is always caused by me raising my hand and interfering with the lowering of the top as it comes down -- only because I don't want it to "bang" down " on the top of the winshield. It still happens to me this day.hope this helps any interested readers. tom

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