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Convertible Top Coating


Model: 911 C2S, Year:2008, Mileage:24,700, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 2008 C2 S Cab. My owners manual calls for treating the convertible top-at least every 12 months.I believe there is a coating of some type that is supposed to be applied to the top; perhaps to maintain the waterproofing quality or renew UV protection,etc. I am not sure of the exact benefits of the procedure. Is this a product that I could apply myself? Say,brush it on and let dry-or does it need to be applied by a dealership, perhaps using special equipment or techniques?Or is this a procedure that perhaps is not really necessary to do every 12 months? My understanding has been that the Porsche 997 convertible tops are pretty durable and long lasting.Is this something that all dealers can perform or is this a job that is usually sublet to a specialty shop?Can the coating be purchased from Porsche? Do you know the part number? Are there aftermarket products that can do the same job?I am reasonably handy and might try to do the job myself,but not if the coating is a hazardous product,difficult to apply,eats paint(or skin!) if spilled,etc.Is this an expensive service if performed annually by a dealer?Thanks very much for your help!

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