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Convertible Top Overlap

  • 2011
  • Boxster S
60 000

Good Day all,

I have noticed that my Boxster's convertible top is starting to overlap on the plastic frame. The canvase is no longer seating properly in the grove where the frame bends with the window towards the back.This has started to happen on both the driver's side and passanger's side.

While researching, I had found two youtube videos descussing the exact same issue and both had the same "fix". They stated to unscrew a small bolt that is located inside the top between the inner liner and outer canvas. Then, tighten the elastic band one to two knotches and screw it back in. If the elastic band lost all elasticity, they recomended stapling  a new elastic band to the top.

I have tried the first method with very little success. It worked for about a week. I am hesitent to staple anything to any part of my soft to so I have yet to do that, but the band still has quite a bit of life left. 

In addition, on SUNCOST PARTS I had found a nylon cable for sale that supposidly fixes my problem. However, this is seporate from the band that youtube suggested and there are no reviews, comments, photos or videos of this repair.  The photo attached is from Suncost Parts that shows the exact same issue I am having. 

Is there anyone that has succesfully fixed this issue?

Kind Regards,


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