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Coolant Compatability


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera 911; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 31200;

Joel, Just want to give an update to everyone on what route I took regarding the question I asked a month ago about coolant color compatability between the old green and the new pinkish red fluids. As Joel suggested to check with my local Service Dept. The answer I got from them was it was fully compatible, but they can not show me any TSB or any documentation stating that. So since the coolant in my car is 6 years old and to sleep better at night, I had a Porsche specialized shop flushed/drain the cooling system off of the old green coolant fluid by disconnecting all the hoses we could get to. From the drain point in the bottom aft of the engine and all the way to the front radiators. Then they vacuumed into the system the new red coolant to prevent trapping air. Car now has the fresh new coolant mixed 50/50 with deminiralized/deionized water.ThanksCarrera MikeChesapeake, VA

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