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Coolant Drop After Water Pump Replacement


Model: 996, Year:2001, Mileage:58,000, Type of use:Street use only
Hi Joel,I recently had a water pump and clutch replaced on my 2001 996 C2 (58,000 miles) by a reputable local Porsche Specialist in Southern California. Got the car back, drove it 300 miles with no drop in the coolant level in the expansion tank. Then it dropped significantly and suddenly in only a few miles of more aggressive driving. The Low Coolant Light came on but the temperture remained normal. I pulled over immediately and checked the coolant level. No puddles of coolant where the car ahd been parked before I left. No visible coolant leaks when I stopped. No coolant in the oil. No oil in the coolant. I refilled the coolant tank with Porsche antifreeze and ithe level seems to now be varying only a little up and down. Does this sound like the system still had some air in it after the water pump replacement?Thank you,Mitch Williams

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