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Coolant loss after 996 water pump failure

  • 1999
  • 911 Carrera
143 000
North Carolina

What can cause coolant loss of 4 cups per 1000 miles? My water pump failed (this is a replacement engine and I've had the car for about 10,000 miles). A couple plastic pump blades came off and I back flushed the engine several times through both cylinder banks, (required making special water pump housing plugs). I replaced all hoses and clamps at rear of car, the water pump, the thermostat, and radiator fans (last year). Every time I drive hard, the temp stays in the middle of the gage but there is coolant loss of a cup or so but I can't locate the loss. I've put paper towel diapers on radiator cap and all clamps but don't see any residue. When I crack the cap after cool down, I hear a gurgling sound on right engine bank. Engine seems to run fine, oil looks clear, no residue is visible under the car. I don't see any smoke from tail pipes but I do smell something when I stop after driving hard with top down. I replaced the RMS, the IMS brg, and the air oil separator as preventive measures but just now read about the water pump.

If it is a blown head gasket, can I replace that or does that mean the engine must be replaced? Any special requirements?


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