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Coolant temperature going over mid point, is that normal?

  • 2000
  • Boxster
89 540
New York

Hello dear Porsche owners

I have 2000 986 Boxster and this coolant issue makes me a bit worried. 

With it's cold out, the coolant temperature is normal and sometimes even lower than a midpoint. But when it's hot or when I'm in traffic or I'm at an autocross the arrow moves closer to a hotter part,

( sometimes it moves further than on a picture towards the hotter side)

First I thought that it could be a Thermostat or water pump. So I flushed the coolant and replaced the thermostat, and checked the water pump but it was fine Adn the problem is still the same. 

I also met a guy who says he is a Porsche tech, but I didn't meet him at a Porsche Service so I cannot believe him for sure, but he said that it's a normal thing for a Boxster to overheat a bit. 


Thank you for your input!

Have an awesome day! 

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