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Cooling Flap Operations


Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (size, modifications): Stock; Total Mileage: 133000; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

Could you clarify the cooling flap operation for me please?What variables close, partially open, or fully open the flaps? I have noticed that when I turn the car off, they open fully to aid in cool down. When I turn a cold engine on, they close to aid in warm-up.I have read that the flaps close at speed to reduce Cd. If my coolant temp consistently runs at the top of the highest white mark during temps over 95 degrees, AC on maximum, and interstate speeds, is there a way I can manually open the flaps for better cooling?I ran the car at the Porsche Parade Driver Education at the Texas Motor Speedway this past week and my coolant temp was 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to the red line above the last white mark. Of course I was driving very hard and it cooled down nicely just below the top white mark within a few minutes. Is this normal operation?

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