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Correct Bosch part number for '73 E


Vehicle Information: Model: Targa; Year: 1973; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4 with "E" cam and MFI; Total Mileage: unknown, but recent complete rebuild of the 2.4;

The car came with a "T" cam and Webers, but now has an E cam with a Bosch MFI "E" pump and fuel pump for the MFI. I can't recall which part number the book says I need for the Bosch distributor. It's either an ..03, ..04 or ..01. I have one of them, but not the one the book calls for. Three questions:1. Does it matter? 2. If it is curved for a "T" or "S", do you recommend recurving it for the "E"? 3. Compared to the previous Webers, (still with the E cams) the car seems to have less immediate acceleration. How come? Characteristic of the MFI?Thanks again.Bob T.

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