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Correct DME setting after switching on OBC for 03 Boxster S

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 2800;

Following your information, I have had the OBC switched on in my 03 Boxster S by my local dealer.As you know on 03 Boxsters the hack to switch on the OBC involves first changing the 'Order type' setting in the DME.I understand the DME is involved with engine control so is it important to set the order type back to it's original state once the OBC has been enabled.I ask this question because since the dealer did the OBC switch on I have noticed a very slight reduction in performance.Did Porsche have good reason to set the order type differently other than to stop OBC switch ons?This could be just my paranoia or a coincidence as the weather has got a lot warmer recently.

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