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Cosmoline(?) How to Remove?


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera 3.2; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 40K;

I'm in the process of degreasing/detailing and generally cleaning up the underside and wheel wells of my '89 Carrera.However, I'm having difficulty in removing a light tan/yellowish coating that is over much of the undercarriage, including shocks, control arms, brake backing plates, oil lines etc.Is this cosmoline? I have heard various opinions that it may be baked on cosmoline, or that it may be some other sort of synthetic rust preventive that Porsche applied at the factory.I've been experimenting with enough chemicals to potentially qualify my garage as an EPA Superfund site. To date, I have tried the following:Wurth Citrus DegreaserCastrol Purple DegreaserKeroseneMineral SpiritsStoner TarminatorStoner XenitSimple GreenGunk3M Adhesive/Wax/Tar Remover (Xylene/Naphtha)Oil Flo Safety SolventThe 3M product has been the most effective, but even that requires a soaked rag, and lots and lots and lots of rubbing to remove a small patch of this stuff at a time.A couple of questions:(1) Is this baked on cosmoline that I am dealing with? If not, what is it?(2) What is the most effective method of removing this stuff? I'm not particularly concerned about the corrosion protection, as the car is a garage queen that rarely sees rain, let alone winter. I'd just like top get it removed to clean up the underside of the car.

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