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cost of hoses, are there generic options


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera Coupe (993); Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 98404;

A short time ago, I found the large orange hose between the heat exchanger and heater control box(the short straight one)to have a tear. The local Porsche dealer informed me that the hose comes in 3 ft lengths for a couple hundred bucks. And, just yesterday when when changing the engine oil filter, I found a tear in the clutch ventilation hose. I haven't checked Porsche's price for that but I fear they'll tell me I need to buy a spool at a cost of my firstborn. The day was late and I need the car for driving so it's back on its four wheels with temporary repairs (read: racer tape) until I come up with a more reasonable solution for these two pieces. Before I jack up the car again, are there recommended or proven generic options for these hoses?

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