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Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6l, 996tt; Total Mileage: 2800;

I am rebuilding my internals to raise the rpm red line to 8000 rpm's and increase torque/hp. I have purchased Ruf titanium rods, GT3 Cup heads, GT3 Cup valves, GT3 Cup lifters and GT3R valve springs. I have also purchased a GT1 oil pump. I know these parts are compatitable.I understand the 996tt, GT3 Cup and GT3R all use the same crankshaft. I was going to purchase a new GT3R crankshaft and have it knife edged and lightened. My thoughts then turned to The 3600 cc GT1 crankshaft. The cost of this crankshaft is about three times more than the other crankshafts. My question is, will the GT1 crankshaft work on the 996tt motor. If so what are the differences? At three times the cost the differences should be substancial.

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