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Crazy question looking to find out if you can put the 2.7 in the Cayman S

  • 2006
  • Cayman S
91 000
Rhode Island

I have a nuts question I know. I have a Cayman S with a blown motor. I have to sleeve a cylinder pretty scored. SO the quotes I have are for around 12k. My question is can I put a 2.7 engine in the S cayman. I know it has been done the other way around with a remapping of the computer. I love my car and can't afford a new engine and a used one is near impossible to find. I can afford the 2.7 and I do not want to sell my car. I figure at a later time I can upgrade when the finances are better, I had the typical Cayman tick but it wasn't the lifters this time. I am open to any and all options so I can keep my car. It took me forever to get THIS car.  I bought from a private seller who absolutely sold me a bill of goods. I have replaced the belt, pump, O/A separator, fluids, gaskets, and exhaust hangers. I'm tapped out 



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