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Damaged spark plug inserts in cylinder head of 1963 356B


Vehicle Information: Model: 356 B S90; Year: 1963; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): original S90; Total Mileage: 65K;

While changing the spark plugs, one of the inserts in the cylinder head was damaged and the thread could not be used. Installing a new insert seem difficult My mechanic suggested using a Heli-Coil but I am not sure the correct size. I have been told by the people at Stoddard that a 14mm Heli-Coil of VW will fit.What is your reccomendation to fix this. Would it be better to remachine the head?This car is seldom used and is in near concours condition.Also, recently the car was converted to 12v. At that time, the flywheel and a heavy duty starter where installed.It has worked perfectly until this week when it stopped cranking when the spark plug, installed in the defective cylinder, was blown out while starting the car.

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