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Dead Oil Temp Sensor? Follow Up


Model: 993 C4 (ROW), Year:1995, Mileage:116000, Type of use:Street use only
Joel, as a follow up to my question about the oil temp sensor: I replaced the sensor and replaced the connector and the gage starting working. However, after 1 restart the gage stopped working again. I then tried to find a way to get the connector to work with the engine running while looking at the gage. I was able to get the gage to read if I touched the top of the sensor to the edge of the connector. I now am concluding that the connector is tarnished so that there is intermittent/no contact. I would like to replace the connector (it is a spade type with folded over edges) but don't know how to find the part number. Do you know the part number or where I could acquire a new one? To repair it I would probably cutoff the old connector and solder a longer wire with a new connector - is this advisable?

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