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Delay start at times


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Engine (type, size, modifications): Stock 2.5; Total Mileage: 38,000; Transmission: Manual;

If I restart the car after it has been driven a few miles, a timer next to the oil level indicator goes through a countdown sequence before allowing the starter to engage. The countdown varies from a few seconds to about three minutes. The length of the countdown seems to correspond with how quickly you attempt to restart the car. A very quick restart seems to result in the longest countdown sequence.This has been a problem twice when I stalled the car in traffic and had to wait over two minutes before I could restart. Oil levels appear normal on the gauge and dip stick. The car is due for an annual oil change and only has 8,000 miles on the current oil.This is only a problem for quick restarts. If the car has been sitting for 5-10 minutes the countdown is only seven seconds or less. What is causing the long countdown delay and is there a way to bypass for a quick start in traffic?I''ve only owned this car for about three weeks and have an owners manual on order... So I apologize if this is documented in the manual.

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