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Desk Pad, Revisited

  • 1971
  • 911T
125 000

Ed, thanks for the reply.  The term "desk pad" comes from the parts manual.  It says, "desk pad only together with ball joint 901 341 049 00."  I've seen the term "desk pad" used on a part for the door also; that door part (901.531.391.20) was a spacing device.  I have assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that the "desk pad" at the strut is synonomous with thick washer.  With my ball joint installed, properly pinched, the rubber washer does not bottom against the Koni strut.  There is about a 2 mm gap.  Thus, I'm wondering if there needs to be a washer between the strut and the rubber washer.  The parts manual calls for PN 901.341.659.00 "desk pad" between the ball joint and the strut.  So, is this "desk pad" the rubber washer that came with the ball joint, or a thick steel washer?  Porsche says the part is NLA.  How can a washer be NLA?

Thanks for your help.  Ed

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