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Differences between all the 356s


Vehicle Information: Model: 356; Year: 1960 - 1964; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 356; Total Mileage: 0;

Im a novice and Im interested in developing a better understanding of the old 356 cars. Can you give me a basic understanding of the differences between the year and models? For example what is the difference between the 356 A, B and C? I think I understand the differences in the Normal, Super and the Super-90 engines; its basically 60 HP, 75HP and 90HP correct? What about the SC, in the later years I think this is the Super Car, is there much of performance difference? What is a T6? Im sure there must be a matrix of which 356 A, B, and C cars where built in what year and with what engine (Normal, Super, Super-90), do you have one? Is there also a place on the web that shows the matching engine and body numbers? What else would you tell a novice 356 people about he cars?

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