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Digital Idle Stabilizer Direction

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Ok PCA Group heres a somewhat simple problem or i hope. I was checking treads about rough idle issues yesterday and most pointed to the ICV,  cleaning or replacing . In one post  there was menched that if replacing the ICV to make note of the arrow ie: Direction the arrow was going. Now i was out looking at my ICV and i can't see any arrow. I guessing it will be on the bottom side of the Valve. but if that the case. Which direction is the arrow to point? Should it be directed toward the s connector going to the manifold or heading out toward the throttle body. Its really hard to get to between the manifold so its some what hard to see. Note: The only theory i've come up with is if you can't see the arrow. Look for how the electrical plug is installed.( this is what i've seen when looking a pic of new ICV's) One side of the plug as two groves and the other side one. Looking at ICV' pics  it seems that the arrow is pointed in the same direction as the single grove. Let me know if this is right or wrong . Thanks.

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