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Dipstick & other issues

  • 1973
  • 911T
73 000

1. I did my first oil change on the car but the dipstick didn’t register anything.  I used Lubro Moly Engine Flush before draining, filled with 9 quarts, drove the car back to perating temperature but the dipstick was dry.  I took a chance and added half a quart, nothing, then another half.  I may get a drop of oil under the MIN mark (only if the engine is hot) but when I wipe it and reinsert to take another reading the dipstick comes out clean. I’m scared of overfilling. Is this a common problem?

2. In a previous answer to an oil drip problem, you prescribed applying black silicone on lower valve cover washers and threads to try safeguarding against leakage. Is it okay to use high temperature red silicone rather than black? 

3. Any suggestions for fitting the washer pump onto the protruding circle of the water reservoir container? 

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