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Distributor plate


Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1973; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4S; Total Mileage: 150000;

Having a hard time refitting the Bosch distributor point plate in a 73S. It's not rocket science and I've done it many times before, BUT...The plate was pretty snug and hard to remove, and after cleaning and lubing, I could not fit it back into the distributor body properly. It will sit on the three little "lands" in the body, but not have the two mounting screws lined up. I should be able to rotate it to line up the screws but it ain't happening - it won't rotate. It comes up off the lands about 1/8 inch, then the screws will line up vertically, but of course cannot be used there.Judiciously removed a little material around the outer edge of the plate since that is where it seemed to be binding. Finally got it to sit on the lands and could insert the 2 screws, but the plate seems to be "rocking" on the lands. Tightening the screws leaves one side of the plate 2 mm higher than the other - this measured 90 degrees away from the screw locations.Almost seems as if it is hitting something below the plate but there is nothing close enough to hit. Is there some little trick to fitting this that I have forgotten? Not a junk piece BTW, only has 7k miles on it. Thanks

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