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diverter valves


Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): TWIN TURBO; Total Mileage: 30000;

i have researched on this site and several others the info on boost and the generally accepted normal being a high of around 0.7 on a 2001 996 twin turbo. i noticed that mine is only producing (by digital read out around .4) i heeded the advice about testing in higher gear with higher rpms and speeds, still .4 and a momentary .5 . how difficult on a scale of one to ten for a fairly accomplished do-it-yourself mechanic is it to change out the two stock Bosch diverter valves to two billet diverter valves and are there any publications available that cover the procedure for accomplishing this task?? also, which aftermarket valves do you suggest??? please and thank you .

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