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DIY Engine cleaning advice.

  • 2001
  • Boxster
127 000
New York


The title states my contribution to this great periodical.  The engine is covered in oil dried into dust or a caked layer of dirt/dust in just about every corner of the outer surface.  I bought the car as is with intention to do it right.  I dont really want a complex or pro cleaning as in hoses and like tubing connections being included.  At this point the metal is dulled and the grit only gets in the way in the moment  a part need to be attended to to keep the car running.  What are the good options? Could I garden hose it with a precission nozzle?  Air compressor with hose and air nozzle?  If they are acceptable what pressure magnitude would be necessary?  Those are two that i can think of.  Are there any cautions I should avoid?  I'll exclude the front area in cabin.  Points on the sides near coil packs, underside into transaxle, top exposed under normal top opening are the focus.  I would accept info on commercial alternative/options for comparisson as well.  There are other polls on upkeep i will put forward as well to get your opinion on and as soon as time permits.

  Best regards to all.

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