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Do modern day Porsches still require Proper engine breakin

  • 2020
  • 718 Cayman GT4
New Jersey

In the past Porsche 911 aircooled engines were dyno-tested for 30 min after assembly before installation in the new cars that were being built. After which there was a test drive lasting 20-30 km by factory technicians before delivery to the new owners. With the advent of post 996 -era the total volume of vehicles built and processed far exceeds the capacity to continue the afore mentioned traditional quality control. Hence I questioned whether my new 2020 GT4 has been dynotested and run in as before as well as what is your technical committee's advice regarding proper engine breakin procedure for my new car. I am torn between driving the first 500-1000 miles varying the revs constantly and keeping below 5000 rpm or just taking it straight to the track and run it up to 8000 rpm after the engine reached operating temp.

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