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Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC; Year: 1984; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 non-turbo, non-USA; Total Mileage: 108,000;

Three months ago I bought a 84 non-USA version 911 SC. It has always started easily and has run great (though the exhaust smelled like it was running a bit rich). I parked it after taking it for a ride, now it will not start. The starter spins fast, so I deduced that the engine is either not getting fuel, or doesnt have spark. I've read all of the Does Not Start postings for 84 911s, and decided to buy a DME relay, extra fuses, and a Bentley Service Manual (ISBN 083760291-2).I installed the new DME relay, and tested the fuel pump fuse (its OK). It still doesnt start. I put a known-good spark plug in the number one plug wire (with a ground jumper wire attached to the spark plug threads and to engine ground #G407 on #1 intake runner). With engine cranking, I do not have spark. The fuel pump is also silent.Using a digital volt meter, I followed the DME relay test sequence on page 201-11 of the Bentley manual. I have proper voltage at pin 6 (30). With ignition switch in the on position, I have proper voltage at pins 5 (86), and 1 (87) (with the relay installed). I also have proper voltage on pin 2 (87b) with engine cranking with relay installed. I have a good ground at pin 3 (85), but not at pin 4 (85b) with engine cranking and with relay installed. Also, I can hear at least one of the DME relays click when I turn the ignition switch to start position. I get the same results with the old DME relay.I have continuity from pin 85b to pin 20 of the DME control unit.I followed the fuel pump test procedure on page 201-10. With the DME relay removed, I connected a fused jumper wire to pins 30 and 87b. The fuel pump operates. It does not operate when the DME relay is installed and the engine is cranking.Is it safe to assume that I need a new Motronic Engine Control Module? Do I need a special one for a non USA 911? Thanks in advance.

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