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Door lock on driver side

Body and Interior

Model: 964, Year:1991, Mileage:72000, Type of use:Street use only
I have read several letters with my problem but no definite answer. Letters from 9/7/2004 Alfred Ashley, one from 8/30/07 and one from Michael Seay on 11/5/2005. My drivers side door lock will not operate either electrically or manually. I had a problem with the screw in the back of the lock coming loose and the key just turning and was able to fix that by removing the handle and after that it worked for about a year and then came up with this problem. When I try to lock it with the key the passenger door locks and the driver side tries but then both locks pop back up. I have tried it with the interior door lock switch and the manual knob on the door. I took the door apart again and it seemed obvious to me that the latch mechanism was the culprit because I unhooked the lock actuator and the actuator works fine and tried to pull the manual lock bar that attaches to the manual knob and could not get it to lock. Finally got the latching mechanism out and studied it and did not see anything obvious other than I don't see how it ever worked! From what I can tell when the lock is pulled by either the manual knob or the actuator it has to force a small spring loaded arm out of a seat to be able to lock. My only thought was that maybe the actuator arm was out of adjustment and letting this spring loaded arm travel to far back and fall into this "seat". This arm does not appear to be worn but for the life of me I can't tell what is broken or worn out and do not see how the actuator or the manual knob would ever apply enough force to move this arm up and out of the seat it is in. I now have semi worked around the problem by disconnecting the actuator linkage and even though the driver door does not lock the passenger door does and it arms the security system but I would like to solve this problem. Any ideas? Thanks,Neal H

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