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Vehicle Information: Model: 911SC; Year: 1979; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 88000;

I have read your article in February 2006 edition entitled "Falling in Love with a Porsche"The main theme is "Drive above 4000RPM" My question is this really correct? Mine is a daily driver and I cruise in all city conditions and actually perfer to crusie in the 2500RPM-3000RPM range. The car runs like a top. Doesn't burn oil. I have put 10K miles on it since I purchased it and it is my first Porsche. My questions are:1)Will this type of driving damage my car? 2)At what RPM are you bogging the engine?3)What about gas mileage at different RPM's?4)What is the best oil to use, regular of Syn and howe many miles between oil changes at differnt RPM ranges?Thanks, you guys are really a help to stupid Porsche enthusiast like me.Thanks, Jeff

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