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Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/6; Year: 1972; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.2 911S motor; Total Mileage: 60+k on engine;

Ed: In regards a previous inquiry I had concerning an inoperative turned out the tach's circuit board was shorted so I had it rebuilt and configured to accept any type of electronic ignition set up. Re-installed and functions normally. However, I now have an electrical "spook" in the tach. Specifically, when the left turnsignal is engauged the indicator light (in the face of the Tach) initially functions normally, but within a couple of seconds both indicator lights in the tach begin flashing simultaneously, as if the hazard warning switch was engauged...while the front an rear left turn signal lights are still functioning correctly. As a matter of information I have also installed one of those kits that "converts" the front turnsignals to the Euro style "split" white/amber turnsignal/running light configuration. I suspect their may be a poor ground connection on that circuit, as engaging the right indicator does not create the same problem. Any thoughts?? Thanks, Scott Walshaw, Sierra Nevada Region

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