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Vehicle Information: Year: 1993; Body Type: Select One; Total Mileage: 64000;

I recently noticed my battery failed to hold a charge. I took the battery out and tested it. Testing revealed that it is fine. When placing it back into service(hooking up the terminals) I noticed a spark when the terminal and ground strap met. I thought the hood lamp is on, hence the energy draw. Well I removed the hood lamp and still noticed a large energy draw. Hooked up my multimeter and noticed about 12 volts of draw when hood lamp is removed and no accessories on. I then proceeded to check for a short. Hooked up multimeter and pulled every fuse and relay(individually), still had steady 12 volts across multimeter. What should voltage be when no accessories are on, and am I correct in assuming there should be little to no voltage across the terminal to strap when no accessories are on. Car has after market alarm and stereo. Could these be the culprit? How does one check for a short on these cars? I am at a loss. Would amp draw rather than voltage be a better assement of a ground or short problem. Does the stock alarm and computer have a big draw while car is sitting? Jeff

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