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Vehicle Information: Year: 1979; Body Type: Targa;

I am slowly working off a host of nit-noid issues with my SC. Here are a few I can't figure out, and am hoping you can give some advice. 1) Does my headlight switch have a chime to remind me that I have left the headlights on when I turn off the car? I drive H/Ls on in the daytime, but seem to be forgetting this often these days.2) The seat belt warning light on my dash is out. The buzzer works, but for the sake of originality, I would like this to work. How do I access this? Do I have to remove the radio or does the light pop out of the dash? (the E-brake warning light co-habitating there works fine)3) Is there a simple way to get to the light bulb in the foglight switch? I can remove the knob, orange cover, rosette, light tube...but see no light bulb (should I?).4) Does the fresh air control/heater unit light up? Currently the only light that comes on is the "fan-on" light. Nothing else in the unit lights up. Nothing left to fix after these, out of about 30 of similar little issues. Thanks, FSL

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