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Engine cutout while driving


Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Engine (Size, Modifications): Adjsutable boost - 0.9 bar; Total Mileage: 60,000kms (40,000 miles);

I was driving on a residential street doing about 30 mph and the engine began to slow down. The tach was still reading so I put the clutch in and turned the key off and immediately tried to start it again and it did immediately. This happened once about 6 years ago and then again in 1997. A year later, the engine became suddenly over rich and I was able to get it back home belching black smoke. I changed the warm up regulator and that solved the rich running problem and I haven't had any problems since then so I wonder if the 2 problems are/were related. I noticed that someone else had a similar problem but the engine would not restart immediately as mine always has. I am concerned that the problem was fuel because the tack still worked, to me, indicating that the electrics were still working.Any ideas?

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