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Engine Idle Problem


Vehicle Information: Year: '98; Engine (type, size, modifications): Std, no mods; Total Mileage: 34k;

I read a comment placed in March 04 about an idle problem as you come off the throttle, depress the clutch and come to a stop. My engine does the same thing at that time, with the A/C on, which is to lose the idle speed, which drops to about 5-600 rpm. At that point, the engine shudders and vibrates badly until the speed rises back to normal (about 800 on the car tach). So far the dealer has been no help; I have called other dealers who have made suggestions. I am wondering whether the other member has resolved his problem, and if so, what was wrong in his/her case. I am quite sure that the opposed six does not like this slow speed vibration which, if continued, could cause problems. I also get some of the same vibrations if I do not get the gas/clutch just right or just over-rev when moving off from a stop. I am convinced that this motor should not be doing this, and I have a normal idle problem as well. I have already told the sales dude that I want to try a couple more cars to get a feel for them under these circumstances......he wants to sell me an "S".......hmmmm. Just came off a Z06, and more power is always nice. This car is normally a dream when moving, and going to a one-third larger engine sounds like a winner......but I need to get this one into intensive care first. I would like to check with the other person if possible. thanks.

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