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Engine looses powe after startup

  • 1990
  • 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet
122 000
Fuel System
Holliston , 

My 1990 C4 Cab.

was running fine all summer until i came home from a 300 mile trip

I stoped and the brakes got hard

No power to the instuments

Got it home

Mechanic fixed the brakes and got the Instruments up again

I picked up car

Fill up with gas at Mobil

The car Started to Run terrible

I went on a 150 mile trip

The engine would loose power on the high way but come back on

When I got home the car could bearly go around the block

My mechanic is Booked up

So Ive left the car in the garage

starting it every other day bearly reved above 2000

knocked alittle

I went through 1.5 tanks of gas From Shell

Still running or not running

It starts and Idles but when you apply the throtle it cant make over 1000 RPM

Then with the throtle down it spikes to 5000

But then dies to idle

Mechanic says bad Gas

If thr car sits a few days when you start it it reves

If I take it around the block it accelorates but skips and Bearly get back home

Wait a few days and she reves fine



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