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Engine misfire on all bank 1 cylinders with lifter rattle.

  • 1999
  • Boxster
155 000

I have a 99 Boxster 2.5L with 150,000 (IMS bearing upgrade already done).  It misfires on the passanger side. P001 p002 p003 are the codes I am getting. Also, if I hold the throttle for a second or two, past 1200 rpm, I get this loud rattle/ clatter noise. NOT rod knock but maybe a few bad lifters? It won't do it if I blip the throttle, but only when I hold it. Here are a list of things I have replaced to try and fix the misfiring. 

1. Spark plugs

2. MAF sensor

3. O2 sensors ALL 4

I have checked the coil packs and all are working. I am thinking theres is a bad sensor that is not allowing the passanger side to have any ignition spark because it is three cylinders in a row, not one or two at random. Does anyone have any suggestions? Cam angle sensor? Vario cam sensor? Bad connections? I have read almost every fourm with similar issues, but none of them really line up. Open to any ideas.  Thanks for any counsel you can give.  First time Porsche owner.

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